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New Year's Eve Reflection

Woman reflecting and staring

As we bid farewell to the current year and welcome in the new one, it is a time-honoured tradition to reflect on the past and look ahead to the future.

While I don’t usually set New Year's resolutions, opting instead to set goals as needed throughout the year, I use reflection consistently, as it is a powerful tool that can help us learn from our experiences, celebrate our accomplishments and set goals for the future.

This New Year's Eve, consider the following questions to guide your reflection and prepare for the year ahead.


Begin your New Year's Eve reflection by asking, "What are your proudest accomplishments from the year?" This question is not just about grand achievements. It also includes the small victories, the moments of growth and the personal milestones that marked your journey through the year. Did you learn a new skill? Did you conquer a long-standing fear? Did you achieve a personal or professional goal? Reflecting on these accomplishments can boost your self-esteem and motivation as you head into the new year.


Next, consider the major challenges you faced. What were some of the hurdles that you had to cross? Which circumstances tested your strength and resilience? While these may have been tough times, they also served as opportunities for learning and growth. Reflecting on these challenges can help you identify areas for further development and strategies to better cope in the future.

Notable Milestones

What notable milestones did you achieve? These are significant moments or events that marked a distinct phase or turning point in your life. Did you complete a qualification, start a new job, or move home? Identifying these milestones provides a broad view of your life's trajectory life and how far you have come. It can also serve as a reminder of your capacity for change and growth.

Habit Changes

Looking ahead to the new year, think about the habits you would like to change. Whether breaking an unhelpful habit or cultivating a positive one, reflecting on your habits can help you understand what is working in your life and what is holding you back. It can also help you set realistic and achievable goals for the new year.


Ask yourself, "In what ways can I be kinder to myself in the new year?" This could mean taking better care of your physical health, allowing yourself more time to relax and recharge, or practicing self-compassion when things don't go as planned. Being kind to yourself is a crucial part of personal growth and wellbeing.

Commitment and Action

Finally, are you willing to commit and take action to achieve your desired results? After all, reflection is only the first step. The real magic happens when you take the insights you have gained and use them to create positive action and change in your life.

So… as you stand on the eve of a new year, commit to making it your best one yet.

Remember, New Year's Eve is not just about the countdown to midnight and the fireworks. It is also a chance to pause, reflect and prepare for the journey ahead.

Let’s make 2024 Our Best Year Yet!


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