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🤔 How Often Do You Ignore Your Internal Compass?

A compass is a tool for navigation. It is practical and functional.

A compass has a dial and a magnetic needle that always points to the north, allowing those who are lost to find their way.

What words spring to mind when you think of an internal compass?

Many of us believe that we have an internal compass - something which allows us to have a strong sense of self-awareness, intuition and direction... Yet, there are times that we choose to ignore our instincts and the direction that our compass is pointing towards.

Pause for a moment and reflect on your internal compass… Which direction is it pointing in?

Is it pointing towards…?

🧭 North – Hope and Progress

🧭 East – Trust and Compassion

🧭 South – Adventure and Loyalty; or

🧭 West – Energy and Confidence

Take Action

Consider the following questions in relation to the direction of your internal compass:

👆North – What action can you take today to lead you one step closer towards your version of success?

👉East – If you had no fear and knew that you would be successful, what would you try?

👇South – What changes could you make to increase the sense of adventure in your life?

👈West – What makes your heart sing? How can you have more of this is your life?

Whether North, East, South or West, I believe that our inner compass is accurate and reliable… we simply need to take the time to trust ourselves, notice and acknowledge our emotions, overcome our fears and do what feels right.

It is essential to live with integrity and be secure in the knowledge that if we continue to persist, we will find our ‘true north’.

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