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2021 Wins

While I cannot claim to have climbed Mount Everest, swum with sharks, or authored a best-selling novel, I am blessed to say that 2021 was a winning year for me in a variety of ways.

Firstly, despite Covid-19 being a disruptive factor in the lives of my loved ones and I, I am profoundly grateful to say that while we were considerably impacted, we were not irreparably affected by the pandemic, which has devastated and continues to devastate the lives of so many worldwide.

Secondly, after two and a half long years of studying and over 70,000+ words later, I passed my Level 7 Certificate in Executive Coaching & Mentoring, with fantastic grades of 93%, 90% and 96%. There are times in life when it is appropriate to toot your own trumpet… this is one of those times!

And last, but by no means least, a significant and transformational win for me was having the courage and integrity to construct a career that was congruent with my values and allowed me the freedom and autonomy to pursue my goals. E.g. I left my secure full-time headship to launch my executive coaching business, while securing a new part-time headship.

What did you accomplish this past year that is cause for celebration? What are your greatest 2021 wins?

As we fast approach 2022, I wish you all a prosperous New Year filled with health, hope, happiness and the courage to make 2022 your best year yet!

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