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Employee Wellbeing 

Living through challenging times has taken its toll, resulting in a raised awareness of and a growing need for mental health and wellbeing support for all employees.

Many of us are fantastic at supporting others, but often neglect to take care of ourselves...

By Investing in Our Wellbeing Package, You Can Expect:

  • Enhanced self-awareness and reflection

  • Increased understanding of practical self-care strategies

  • Enhanced stress management skills

  • Empowered employees who are better equipped to balance their professional responsibilities while prioritising their mental, emotional and physical wellbeing

  •  Positive impacts on recruitment, retention, reduced sickness absence, wellbeing culture and overall effectiveness

What We Offer

Employee Wellbeing Packages - various options available to suit your needs and budget:  

  • Transformative Wellbeing Workshops

  • Wellbeing Journals

  • Pre and Post Wellbeing Surveys 

Let us help you to provide your team with the wellbeing tools and resources that they need to feel happy, healthy and empowered to manage life’s pressures. 


The journey to improved employee wellbeing starts with a single step. Take that step today!

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All members of our school staff team benefitted from an inspirational wellbeing workshop led by Diane. She tailored the programme carefully to meet the specific needs of the staff community.
Diane created a warm and supportive atmosphere, which helped our staff to fully engage and share their experiences.
The models and activities shared by Diane provided a valuable structure for staff to shape their reflections around.
Diane’s practical ideas and advice was well received by staff and all participants left with some clear actions to promote their future wellbeing.
We will definitely be inviting Diane back to continue to support our staff team.

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