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🤔 When Should You Back Down From Your Boundaries?

Have you ever defined healthy boundaries to conserve your emotional energy and practice self-care, yet these boundaries have been met with resistance?

There are people in life who will question your healthy boundaries… This could be an unconscious act, a response to fear of change, or an attempt to exert control over you and undermine your confidence. Whatever the reason, remember that this is their issue – not yours!

Boundaries come from knowing your worth - don't let anyone make you feel guilty for knowing your worth!

Setting healthy boundaries comes from a place of self-love and knowing your worth; therefore, never allow anyone to make you feel guilty for acknowledging your needs and treating yourself with care and kindness.

Take Action

Although it may be hard at first, identify your boundaries and stick to them consistently. This will empower you to feel in control of your destiny and will manage others’ expectations of you.

As a qualified Executive Coach, I have successfully empowered clients to define and maintain healthy boundaries in order to achieve their personal and professional development goals.

If you would like to know more about how I can be of service to you, here is a link to my diary:

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