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Reflection Friday...

Have you been asked any questions lately that have made you think long and hard about your current situation, behaviours and goals?

There are times when an unexpected question may make us feel uncomfortable because it hits us like a curveball, which may leave us feeling blindsided. However, blindsided or not, it is important that we ask and answer questions that disrupt our thinking and patterns of behaviour.

It is all too easy to act on autopilot - and while this may be useful on occasion, it is essential that we are present, mindful and reflective of our behaviours and actions, as this helps us to appreciate our strengths and identify opportunities for development.

As the working week draws to a close, I always take the opportunity to reflect on my achievements and the lessons that I have learnt.

Two of my favourite Reflection Friday questions are:

  1. What have I done this week to bring me one step closer to my goals?

  2. What is the greatest lesson that I have learnt and how will I apply this learning moving forward?

What are your favourite Reflection Friday questions?

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