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😊 Happy National Mentoring Day

National Mentoring Day was established by Chelsey Baker (award-winning business mentor), in 2014 to raise the profile of and celebrate mentoring in all its forms.

Mentoring can have a profound impact on mentors and mentees alike and include a variety of benefits:

  • Specialist guidance and support from an expert who has professional knowledge and practical experience

  • Accelerated professional development and networking opportunities

  • Improved technical, interpersonal and leadership skills

  • Improved employee engagement and workplace culture

  • Increased retention, recruitment and promotion opportunities

Most of us have been fortunate enough to have had at least one outstanding mentor, who has had a positive impact on our personal and professional development.

  1. Who has been your favourite mentor and why?

  2. What leadership qualities did they embody?

  3. What difference did they make in your life?

If you are able to, why not reach out to your favourite mentor and let them know how much they mean to you... or better still, 'pay it forward' and mentor someone.

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