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When Is It Time to Ask for Help?

Like the rest of the world, my family and I celebrated Christmas virtually last year; therefore, I wanted to make Christmas 2021 extra special! With this in mind, I committed to undertake some DIY to get my home in tiptop shape, ready for this year’s eagerly anticipated family Christmas get-together.

I noticed that my flooring appeared a little worse for wear; therefore, I reached out to several floor fitters to arrange a date to fit new laminate flooring; however, securing a fitting in December appeared to be a Christmas miracle!

As I am a decent DIYer and eternal optimist, I decided in my infinite wisdom (and with the full knowledge that I had never attempted this task before) to install the laminate flooring myself, along with a skirting board for good measure.

Preparation is key so I resolved to fill a few small holes and tackle a couple of rust patches first to ensure that my walls were in good condition, prior to fitting the flooring and attaching the skirting board.

Full of motivation, I began to remove a small section of damaged plaster with a scraper and quickly realised that part of the wall felt damp.

As an Executive Coach, curiosity comes naturally to me, so you guessed it… I used the scraper to remove further parts of the plaster and before I knew it, I had removed a sizeable section of wall - approximately 50cm x 50cm.

Staring at the exposed brick and contemplating the rapidly evolving task that lay ahead of me, I had two options:

1. Do I continue to do my best Grand Designs impression and hack away at the wall to investigate the cause of the damp? Or…

2. Do I recognise that this seemingly simple DIY task had morphed into something that was beyond my current level of experience and potentially a task that I may need support with?

Well… This was an easy one for me – I contacted a local builder to ask for help!

While reaching out for support in relation to DIY tasks is relatively easy for some, many of us feel uncomfortable asking for help in other areas of our personal and professional life, as we pride ourselves in being independent, solution-focused Individuals, who are always willing to support others during their time of need… but strangely enough, find it difficult to ask for support from others during our own time of need.

Psychologically, we may feel that asking for help is a sign of weakness, or incompetence. Perhaps we find it hard to release control and therefore shy away from asking for help from others.

Whatever narrative we tell ourselves, I am here to set the record straight - asking for support on occasion is a sign that you are human and like everyone else in this world, there are times that you need help and support!

As an Executive Coach, I am here to support you to overcome the barriers that are standing in the way of achieving your personal and professional development goals. Building repairs are not included!

Are you ready to take action? Contact me today to schedule a 30-minute complimentary clarity call, where we will discuss your goals and determine whether coaching is right for you.

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